This page tries to give you some information on who I am and what you can expect from this site and my photography.


About Me

My name is Michael Leichsenring and I was born January 1972. Happily married for almost 10 years with two kids of ages 5 and almost 9 years old. I live in the south western part of the Netherlands in a town called Roosendaal.


I make my living as a software developer/architect. My main hobby is photography and I spend quit a lot of time on it. I took my first photos at the end of the 90′s but really started taking pictures when I switched to digital photography early 2002.


My interests

Besides snapping the expected family pictures I initially started photographing landscapes and animals. A few years ago I bought a macro lens and started taking close-up pictures of small animals and I really like the challenge. However, I am now focusing more and more on portrait and glamour photography after having followed a number of workshops on it.


My style

I’m not sure I can define a specific style yet as I tend to tryout different options following photography rules but breaking them regularly as well. I do try to rely on using natural light sources but currently use studio lights for portrait and glamour photography in the studio as I gives better control and more freedom to play with.


About this site

Photography is not about taking pictures but about sharing them. Therefore the goal of this site is to share my work and to get feedback. However, I only post photos here I consider my best or in some way special. You can find other pictures on my flickr account.


Don’t expect regular updates on my blog as I live a busy life. However, expect blog entries as I update the site with new photos. You can also expect entries sharing my experience on the equipment and software I use and workshops I attended.



If you are interested to work with me drop me a note by using either the contact link above or directly sending an email to
I’d love to hear from you.


Michael Leichsenring